DIY Dip Dyed Yarn Wall Art

May 6, 2015

When we bought our couch it came with grey and yellow throw pillows that I didn’t love. We weren’t planning on using them – I was going to make pillow covers in other colours – but now that they have sat there for a few weeks, I’ve fallen in love with the greys and yellows. I’m slowly starting to decorate around these colours but I’ve found it difficult to find wall art that is yellow AND grey. They have lots of yellow but not so much the two combined. We have A LOT of wall space to cover so this seemed like the perfect time to do this DIY Dip Dyed Yarn Wall Art I have been wanting to make. 


What You Need:

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Copper Pipe – we used a 20 inch piece
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Container for dip dying the yarn

Step One: Cut the pieces of yarn to the size you want. We cut 80 inch pieces so folded in half the string hangs about 40 inches. 

Step Two: Fill your container with about 3 inches of water. Add the paint and mix until you get the colour of water that you want your yarn to be. Separate your yarn in piles for each colour. We died about 10 pieces at a time. Fold them in half and place the ends in your container of water and acrylic paint. Make sure they are covered in water and let them sit for a bit soaking in the colour. After you are done dying all your yarn, let them dry overnight. 

DSC_0539 Step Three: Once your yarn is dry, attach it to the copper pipe. You want to make sure your yarn is folded in half, place the looped side under the pipe and pull the two ends through the loop. The pictures below should help with this part!

DSC_0549 DSC_0551 The back of your yarn wall art should look like this: DSC_0552 And the front should look like this: DSC_0553

Now all you have to do is attach a piece of twine on each end and hang it on the wall! We left about an inch and a half on each side for the twine. 

DSC_0558 You are going to have to tighten your knots a lot as you go, the pipe makes it sort of annoying to keep them all in place. If you find the copper pipe too difficult to work with, use a wooden dowel. We have our DIY  Blanket Ladder in the living room so we wanted to stick with the pipe. I considered trimming the yarn on a diagonal but now I think I like how the ends look so I’m going to leave it. Now that I’ve figured out how to properly dye yarn using acrylic paint, I’m hooked. I wanted to find yarn to match the wool roving on my large wall hanging but was unsuccessful – so I dyed some! Such a great and simple trick! 

What techniques have you used to dye wool?


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