Watermelon Mojitos

Mojito is a traditional Cuban highball that consists of five main ingredients: white rum, sugar, soda water and mint. The cocktail is combination of sweetness, refreshing citrus, mint flavor and rum. The drink is popular as a summer drink for its freshness and low alcohol content.

The unique flavor of mojito comes from perfect combination between its ingredients. The mint, lime and sugar will help to hide away the harsh taste of the alcohol. That is the reason why mojito is loved by woman. The delightful taste from those simple ingredients can uplift the mood at no time.

Lime mojito

Besides the traditional mojito, there are several versions with differences in flavor. In traditional recipe, Cuban used sugar cane juice instead of sugar, however, modern recipe prefers sugar more for convenience. People also use lemon juice instead of fresh lime juice in many bars. Other may use sugar syrup to control the sweetness.

From the traditional recipe, there are many innovation from simple ingredients of the drink. You can have drum, vodka or even sprite. Mint which is signature flavor in mojito drink can be replaced for those who are not a big fan of mint taste. And finally, lime is not so important in some mojito recipe where other fruits such as passion fruit, pineapple, lemon, strawberry, blueberry or watermelon is mixed in order to create new types of mojito. Today, the mojito we want to introduce is watermelon mojito which will keep you cool from the summer heat or accompany you in the party.

Watermelon Mojito

Ingredient (prep will take about 5 minutes)

  • 15 large fresh Mint Leaves
  • 3 to 4 thick slices of Fresh Watermelon
  • 12 ounces of Bacardi
  • ½ cup of Simple Syrup
  • 1 Lime

Instruction (the process will take about 5 to 10 minutes)

Step 1 – puree watermelon: Use food processor or blender to puree your watermelon. You might want to remove the seeds before blending because the seeds may accidently add bitterness into the cocktail.

Step 2 – mix the cocktail: Pour 2 cups of pureed watermelon into a pitcher, then add mint leaves into the pitcher. Depending on your preference on how strong mint flavor in your cocktail, you may adjust to put more or less mint leaves into the watermelon juice. After that, use a wooden spoon to mash the mint leaves. You may want to spare some mint leaves for garnishing later.

Next, add 12 ounces of Bacardi, ½ cup of simple syrup and lime juice into the pitcher. Add ice cubes and mix everything together.

Step 3 – serve: When all the drinks are mixed, pour the mojito into glass, garnish with mint leaves and watermelon slices.

Fruit ice cubes

Another hint for garnish your mojito is frozen fruit ice cubes. Instead of original ice cubes, you can have some beautiful colorful ice cubes in mojito highball. All you need to do is to slide your favorite fruits that you think they will go well with your mojito, put them in ice-making stray, add some water and freeze them just like you do with the ice cubes. The fruits will add more flavor in your mojito later, not mention that your mojito glasses will look absolutely stunning.

The recipe will serve 4 glasses of mojito. This drink is perfect for parties, gathering or barbecue party. The freshness and combination of sweetness from watermelon and taste of Bacardi will refresh your appetite after the meal. You can make more mojito by simply multiple the ratio in the recipe. The recipe is super easy so you can have your mojitos at no time. Don’t make the drink too long before you enjoy it because thawing ice cube can decrease the mojito flavor and the drink will taste bland.